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Do One Thing Ridiculously Well

Do One Thing Ridiculously Well

Stew Fortier

Amanda Natividad

Do One Thing Ridiculously Well

Stew Fortier of Compound Writing joins the show to talk about what it takes to build a successful community. And it all starts with defining that community's purpose.

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Show Notes

Show Notes:

0:52 - Stew tells how his projects, particularly his writing community Compound Writing, are driven by his interests.

5:35 - About Compound Writing and its cohort structure.

11:04 - Being inclined to write vs. being inclined to publish. 

14:27 - The role of link building in Compound Writing.

19:42 - How the Compound community’s feedback supports others’ writing. 

24:10 - What does it take to create a community that’s both positive and focused on the workflow?

31:46 - When to create a new Slack channel (and when you probably shouldn’t). 

34:58 - Do one thing ridiculously well: the importance of sticking to your intention.

38:21 - What’s next for the creator economy.

41:05 - Recommended tools for writing online.

44:33 - Some of Stew’s favorite online writers and newsletter recommendations.


Compound Writing (0:55)

Marie Poulin of Notion Mastery (1:22)

30 Day Writing Challenge (11:15)

TED Conferences (35:15)

Medium (38:33)

Substack (38:42)

Patreon (38:43)

Gumroad (38:43)

WordPress (41:57)

ConvertKit (42:00)

Sara Campbell - Tiny Revolutions (44:52)

Tom White - White Noise (45:40)

Nick deWilde - The Jungle Gym (46:21)

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