#29 Do One Thing Ridiculously Well

If you have even the slightest interest in creating a movement, this is the episode for you. Amanda Natividad, Head of Marketing for Growth Machine, talks with Stew Fortier, Co-Founder of Compound Writing, about what it takes to build a successful community.

And it all starts with defining that community’s purpose. Doing that one thing ridiculously well.

We also discuss...

  • Becoming a better writer
  • Ensuring community discussions stay productive
  • What’s next for the creator economy
  • TED Talks’ laser focus on its talks

Show Notes

Show Notes:

0:52 - Stew tells how his projects, particularly his writing community Compound Writing, are driven by his interests.

5:35 - About Compound Writing and its cohort structure.

11:04 - Being inclined to write vs. being inclined to publish. 

14:27 - The role of link building in Compound Writing.

19:42 - How the Compound community’s feedback supports others’ writing. 

24:10 - What does it take to create a community that’s both positive and focused on the workflow?

31:46 - When to create a new Slack channel (and when you probably shouldn’t). 

34:58 - Do one thing ridiculously well: the importance of sticking to your intention.

38:21 - What’s next for the creator economy.

41:05 - Recommended tools for writing online.

44:33 - Some of Stew’s favorite online writers and newsletter recommendations.


Compound Writing (0:55)

Marie Poulin of Notion Mastery (1:22)

30 Day Writing Challenge (11:15)

TED Conferences (35:15)

Medium (38:33)

Substack (38:42)

Patreon (38:43)

Gumroad (38:43)

WordPress (41:57)

ConvertKit (42:00)

Sara Campbell - Tiny Revolutions (44:52)

Tom White - White Noise (45:40)

Nick deWilde - The Jungle Gym (46:21)

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Amanda Natividad

Amanda is the Head of Marketing for Growth Machine.