Case Studies

Learn how we grew our clients' organic traffic — and helped them grow their businesses.

Scaling from 11,000 to 65,000+ Online Sessions in 6 Months

We helped our client implement an SEO strategy to increase their inbound traffic six-fold and reach a wider audience in 6 months.

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FinTech Brand Increases Organic Traffic by Over 6,000% in 13 Months

This FinTech client grew their site traffic by over 6000% after working with Growth Machine.

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How a D2C Beverage Company Grew 4x in Search Traffic in 3 Months

Our client also attributes more than $1,000 in revenue per month to a single blog post’s organic traffic.

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How a Gig Economy Website Hit 100,000 Monthly Visitors in 6 Months

We started a brand new site from scratch, and took it to 19,000 sessions in six weeks.

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SEO Case Study: 0 to 150,000 Monthly Visitors in 8 Months

To develop a proof of concept, we started a tea website and took it to 200,000 monthly visitors in a year.

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