The Growth Machine Team

We're a fun group of content marketing experts spread across the U.S. helping grow your site!

Nat Eliason

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I've been playing around with content marketing and SEO for the last four years, and since starting Growth Machine in 2017, it's been incredibly fun to see the team and processes help grow so many different sites. My work now is split among sales, talking with clients, improving the processes, and spinning up new projects, which is perfect for my love of starting new things. If I'm not working on GM, I'm usually hanging out in NYC, writing for my personal site, reading, or playing with my puppy Pepper.

Nora Schlesinger

Director of Content Strategy
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I’m a recovering marketer and consultant, and a longtime blogger. At Growth Machine, I am in charge of content strategy, which includes all of your keyword research and editorial planning. My job offers me an opportunity to focus on the parts of blogging I love most, and basically be Type A for a living. When I’m not behind a spreadsheet, I enjoy baking, running on the lakefront path (I live 2 blocks from Lake Michigan in Chicago!), and watching Parks and Recreation for the 11,000th time.

Heather Leith

Director of Editorial
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I am the resident grammar queen at Growth Machine. I get way too excited about making sure each article we provide for our clients is engaging, error-free, and full of Oxford commas. I also handle posting content to clients’ websites so they don’t have to bother! It’s hard to find a topic that doesn’t fascinate me, so whatever your company has got going on, I will be eager to work with you! I’m lucky enough to live in Southern California, although the beach only sees my face about once a year so my pale Canadian skin doesn’t get sunburned. I love hunting for good iced coffee, watching first-timers watch Harry Potter, and pulling out a solid board game.

Erika Marty

Content Creator
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Writing has been my passion for as long as I can remember. From penning mystery novels as a child to my current position as Content Creator at Growth Machine, I've always felt that words matter. As the daughter of immigrants from Switzerland and Guatemala, I grew up in a household where language was fluid and fun. I completed my Master's degree in diplomacy in Paris, France and I lived abroad in Germany and Asia. I speak German, Spanish and English fluently and love the way words can connect cultures. As a digital nomad, I get to work from anywhere in the world and wake up in a new office every week. When I'm not working, you can find me mountain biking, hiking, and petting every stray dog I meet.

Shari Lefler

Associate Editor
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I specialize in digital and multimedia writing and editing. After spending years working with moving text, it’s refreshing to edit words that aren’t trying to escape as I read them. My favorite thing about editing is getting to see the work of talented writers before anyone else. (It’s like getting a copy of the next David Sedaris book before it’s released … which I would be okay with … Mr. Sedaris?) When I’m not reading or writing, I carry chalk in my purse so I can correct the grammar on sidewalk menu boards. You’ll know I’ve been there by the ugly handwriting.

Luke Neely

Director of SEO
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I've always been absorbed with finding out how websites tick, and how they rank in search engines. A healthy obsession would be the best way to define it. Thank goodness I finally found a productive outlet for my obsession: I'm responsible for SEO and the outreach work that goes on at Growth Machine, which means I monitor the technical health of our client's websites as well as implement link building campaigns. When I’m not working, I’m usually spending time with my wife, family, or close friends, and shaking up a good cocktail.