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#12 Tim Stoddart: The Key to Success is Being Specific

#12 Tim Stoddart: The Key to Success is Being Specific

Tim Stoddart

Amanda Natividad

#12 Tim Stoddart: The Key to Success is Being Specific

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Show Notes


0:45 - Discovering Copyblogger: How the site ultimately educated Tim on writing effective content for the internet. 

5:52 - Copyblogger Pro: New membership service comes with monthly masterclasses, a community of content marketers, and more.

8:42 - Writing advice: Overcoming resistance as a writer.

11:16 - Sober Nation: How Tim’s past led him to begin a blog about sobriety which would eventually become the world's leading online recovery community. 

16:11 - What is the perfect business?

18:47 - Building in public vs. building in private.

23:28 - Stodzy Internet Marketing: The importance of specializing in one thing.

26:50 - Local search: The opportunity for businesses and healthcare.

30:27 - Producing podcasts: Preparing for podcasts.

36:42 - Connecting with others: In a way that’s authentic and thoughtful.

38:53 - Time management: Eliminating the need for decision-making wherever possible.

43:15 - Advice for founders: (It’s NOT “Just get started…”) 

46:23 - Thanks for listening! Be on the lookout for next week’s episode. If you have questions or suggestions, you can find us on Twitter @growthmachine__.


Copyblogger (0:45)

Copyblogger Pro (6:00)

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield (10:21)

Sober Nation (11:17)

Success Magazine (12:52)

Purple Cow by Seth Godin (13:19)

Stodzy Internet Marketing (23:28)

Mike Ramsey - Moz article (25:09) 

Drive Local Traffic to Your Business Using These 8 Local SEO Ranking Factors (30:09) 

The E Myth by Michael Gerber (30:45)

Tim Stodz Podcast episode with Shaan Puri (32:40)

Roam Research (42:36)

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