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How Doopoll's Content Strategy Converts 20% of Site Visitors

How Doopoll's Content Strategy Converts 20% of Site Visitors

Marc Thomas

Amanda Natividad

How Doopoll's Content Strategy Converts 20% of Site Visitors

Publishing content based on low volume, high intent keywords was the silver bullet that got Doopoll to a 20% conversion rate from their content.

It typically makes sense to create a content strategy based on high volume keywords.

But for Doopoll, an online survey company, publishing content based on low volume, high intent keywords was the silver bullet. One of their articles converts 20% of website visitors.

Marc Thomas, co-founder & CEO of Doopoll, and curator of B2B SaaS newsletter Positive Hüman, used our Wiki strategy to level up his content. He explained all this and more in this episode of the Growth Machine Marketing Podcast.

He also talks about...

Realizing your expertise. Sometimes the content you think is dumb or obvious is actually the content you should create. What’s obvious to you probably isn’t obvious to the people who land on your website — that’s why they’re searching for it.

Writing evergreen content in a timely way. (Webinar attendees might remember this concept. 😉) Doopoll’s unique value is that their survey tool is actually meant to be used in presentations. To tap into this evergreen value in a way that’s most relevant now, Marc wrote an article on how to run a virtual all-hands meeting. The article includes advice on using Doopoll in an all-hands and has become among their top performing pieces of content.

Using PR for effective link building. Marc and his team realized early this year that Doopoll could be an effective tool for gathering COVID-19 survey data. So they pitched the story to a major local news outlet. When other news outlets picked up the story, Doopoll ended up getting over 100 high authority backlinks.

There aren’t a lot of founder-executives who are also content marketing strategists, so I found this conversation with Marc to be especially enlightening.

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Show Notes

0:37 - What is Doopoll and how can this tool be used?

2:55 - Marc shares how he originally got into B2B marketing, and how Doopoll came to be.

7:13 - How Doopoll was built to solve common pain points with giving feedback.

10:14 - How customer research should inform your product.

15:40 - How customer service is viewed at Doopoll.

17:33 - The chicken and egg question of GTM strategy and customer research.

20:23 - The surprising niche of Doopoll.

24:53 - Growing organic traffic through pain-point SEO.

26:24 - How Doopoll utilized low volume, high intent keywords and search terms to increase conversion rates.

29:20 - Creating authority through content.

35:16 - Evergreen content done in a timely way.

37:21 - How Doopoll got 150+ free backlinks with PR.

41:22 - Aligning with current issues and trends while staying personable.

You can keep getting great B2B content and marketing insights from his newsletter, Positive Hüman.


Doopoll (0:37)

Demand Curve’s Growth Training Program (4:59)

Slido (32:51)

Evergreen content (34:48) (Example of Growth Machine creating evergreen content for a client)

HARO (36:11)

Read the Room - Rand Fishkin (42:15) 

Positive Hüman

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