#20 How New Creators and New Startups Should Think About Marketing

If there’s one thing you take away from this newest episode of the Growth Machine Marketing Podcast, it’s the importance of following attribution all the way to the end of the funnel: understanding all your marketing metrics, seeing how people progress through your marketing funnel, and then actually meeting them. 

Katie Mitchell, Head of Marketing at UserLeap, is a seasoned marketer with nearly a decade of experience at brands like Campbell Soup, PBS, EVERFI, and more. She joined the podcast to discuss:

  • Creating on LinkedIn: It's a platform that's trying to get people to create more content — and so it rewards content, not people with followers. 
  • Early stage hiring: Katie is thinking about brand marketing priorities and improving the user experience for UserLeap first. 
  • Common mistakes in attribution: Advice for demand generation or performance marketers: make sure to look at total customer acquisition cost (CAC). 

We also discussed Katie’s marketing influences, and how she thinks less of work/life balance and more about work/life integration.

Show Notes

0:58 - Katie talks about how she grew her LinkedIn following to over 13,000.

5:15 - On LinkedIn, good content wins.

7:10 - Publishing content is ultimately how you learn about your audience and customers.

9:24 - Individual and company profiles on LinkedIn, and how they differ in their strategies. 

12:24 - What does it take to be consistent with quality posts?

16:36 - LinkedIn as both a distribution channel and content platform. 

17:40 - The long shelf-life of content, and why it’s okay to republish your content. 

20:09 - How UserLeap continuously collects user insights to inform product teams.

25:16 - Paid advertising and the common problem with attribution.

30:58 - Are you relationship-focused vs. results-driven?

32:56 - Katie describes her marketing superpower and work-life integration.

38:26 - Tips for remaining productive. Katie shares a few of her favorite resources.


UserLeap (7:42)

Devin Reed from Gong (10:13)

Dave Gerhardt (15:13)

Chris Walker (15:25)

Hubspot (24:45)

Ryan Bonnici - CMO at G2 (31:16)

The GrowthTLDR Podcast (40:32)

Dave Gerhardt’s Marketing Group (40:51)

Demand Gen Live (41:06)

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Amanda Natividad

Amanda is the Head of Marketing for Growth Machine.