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Why Good Marketers Act Like Journalists, Not Columnists

Why Good Marketers Act Like Journalists, Not Columnists

John Bonini

Amanda Natividad

Why Good Marketers Act Like Journalists, Not Columnists

If you work in content marketing, you know John Bonini. He’s the Director of Marketing at Databox, and he also owns the widely popular Some Good Content Patreon, where he distills expert yet tactical advice for content marketers at every level.

He joined us on the show to discuss:

  • How journalism informs good marketing
  • Brand content that has a point of view (and why it matters)
  • How content fuels marketing at Databox
  • John’s strategy for the Metrics and Chill podcast

And more!

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Show Notes

0:57 - John talks about how his learned lessons in journalism have carried over to his work in content marketing. 

4:59 - Why point of view matters in the content you produce.

8:18 - How Google’s Penguin update (~2012) played a role in the evolution of content marketing. 

12:36 - Growing your career in content marketing and the importance of finding a company that sees the value in your marketing efforts. 

19:55 - Databox has been strategic in how they have scaled their outputs while ensuring they are all cohesive.

25:23 -  John shares the strategy behind the Metrics and Chill podcast, and how they structure their episodes to align with the value of their product. 

30:20 - A lot of the general content advice is overplayed. John ensures he delivers more usable information to his Patreon community.

34:17 - What excites John the most about content?


Databox (1:19)

Litmus (13:30)

Metrics and Chill (20:10)

John’s Patreon (30:24)

Clubhouse (35:40)

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