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What We Wish You Knew About SEO

What We Wish You Knew About SEO

Nora Schlesinger

What We Wish You Knew About SEO

For our season finale, Nora and Amanda discuss what we wish you all knew about SEO, and how to know when you're not yet ready for a content marketing strategy.

In the season finale of the Growth Machine Marketing podcast, CEO Nora Schlesinger and Head of Marketing Amanda Natividad debrief on SEO and content.

They discuss:

  • How SEO knowledge can make you a better writer
  • Why SEOs and writers also need empathy to be effective
  • What we wish clients and marketers knew about SEO
  • When it’s time for you to focus on SEO
  • When it’s not time for you to focus on SEO

And so much more. 

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Show Notes

Show Notes:

1:16 - Nora shares what she wishes more website owners knew about SEO.

3:14 - The content you invest in early on can set you up for SEO success in the long-run. 

7:44 - SEO knowledge can improve the quality of your written content.

11:38 - Managing client expectations.

15:29 - Different issues that may impact a site’s ability to rank.

21:10 - If your site speed isn’t up to par, there are a few factors that could be causing it. 

23:43 - How Growth Machine has been impactful for a variety of clients, including Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies. 

29:20 - When is it time for a company to focus on their content and SEO? (And when is a company not ready yet?)

34:29 - Unpopular opinion: You can’t do it all. Hire as much help that you can afford to. 

40:04 - Amanda shares a special announcement as we wrap up this season of the Growth Machine Marketing Podcast.


How We Hire Great Writers at Growth Machine (9:52)

The Critical Authority Threshold: Why Patience Pays in SEO (13:30)

PageSpeed Insights (20:12)

How a Gig Economy Website Hit 100,000 Monthly Visitors in 6 Months (23:52)

How a D2C Beverage Company Grew 4x in Search Traffic in 3 Months (23:56)

How a Recruiting Website Tripled Organic Traffic in 6 Months (24:01)

Gong (32:18)

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