#28 Everything You Need to Know to Start a Podcast for Your Company

How meta: a podcast about podcasting. If you’re thinking of launching your own show, start here. Amanda Natividad, Head of Marketing for Growth Machine, talks with Tristan Pelligrino, Co-founder of Motion, a done-for-you B2B podcast agency.

We talk about:

  • Why your podcast needs a theme statement
  • Metrics to track
  • 3 phases of podcast content
  • Motion’s new podcasting course!

...and we do a speed round of podcast FAQs. 

And good news: Growth Machine listeners get an exclusive offer for Motion’s B2B podcast course! Simply use code GM30 at checkout to get 30% off.

Show Notes

1:03 - What does it mean to have a done-for-you podcasting service?

3:58 - How transparency leads to trust.

8:24 - Creating your ‘theme statement’ starts with two questions: Who are you trying to help and where do they want to go?

11:46 - You’re not the hero of the story. Womp womp.

16:39 - The importance of genuine curiosity towards crafting each episode.

20:45 - Which metrics are most important when tracking the success of your podcast, and what about metrics that are immeasurable? 

26:28 - Setting short-term and long-term KPI goals when you’re starting from scratch.

28:52 - Getting the most out of your podcast content through 3 phases: repurposing, distribution, and enrichment. 

30:47 - The importance of consistency.

35:42 - Playing into different ways of interacting with your audience and guests to complement the traditional format of the podcast. 

39:54 - In speed round style, Tristan answers all the getting-started podcast questions you’ve always wanted to ask.

Want Motion’s B2B course? Growth Machine listeners get an exclusive offer! Use code GM30 at checkout to get 30% off.


Motion Agency (1:05)

Tech Qualified podcast with Jay Acunzo (8:44) 

Nudge Podcast (10:51)

Google Analytics (22:24)

Buzzsprout (26:46)

Clubhouse (33:51)

Microphone recommendations on Motion’s site (40:40)

Squadcast (42:04)

Riverside (42:16)

Descript (44:10)

Motion Agency's podcast course [use code GM30!] (48:20)

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Amanda Natividad

Amanda is the Head of Marketing for Growth Machine.