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You Don’t Need a Tool for Better Marketing (You Need Good Data)

You Don’t Need a Tool for Better Marketing (You Need Good Data)

Darrell Alfonso

Amanda Natividad

You Don’t Need a Tool for Better Marketing (You Need Good Data)

This episode is all about marketing operations and automation. Learn from Amazon Web Services' global marketing ops leader, Darrell Alfonso.

Do you have marketing FOMO?

...Or maybe it's more like "keeping up with the Joneses" but for marketing.

It's that feeling that everyone has bigger and better resources than you. Or that they're doing much cooler things than you.

We've all felt that at some point.

Darrell Alfonso, who runs marketing operations for Amazon Web Services, joins the Growth Machine Marketing Podcast to debunk that feeling.

Darrell points out that when we get too deep in the comparison game and it looks like others’ marketing emails are better than yours, it usually has less to do with the marketer's technology and more to do with their customer-centric attitude.

That they're working to create the best possible customer experience through their content.

So how can you do this too?

It starts with good data. Good data will inform your segmentation and personalization — which are key to creating great content that resonates with your audience.

Make time for data hygiene. Go through your database to normalize and standardize data. Make sure titles and names are consistent.

Lots more in our full interview, where we discuss Darrell's overall marketing automation and operation expertise, and how that connects with his outlook on content creation.

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Show Notes

1:10 - Darrell shares what marketing looks like in his role at Amazon Web Services (AWS).

3:52 - Honing a skill set in marketing automation.

9:50 - How marketing operations is different across businesses.

15:42 - Automation tools at AWS and other large companies, and how smaller companies can get the most out of their marketing automation and CRM platforms.

19:32 - You don’t need the newest tools and tech to personalize your messaging.

24:04 - One thing you need for segmentation and personalization.

25:56 - When one thing is broken in your system, how can you respond? 

30:31 - Creating content on LinkedIn. 

39:38 - Darrell’s advice for staying sharp and growing your marketing skills. 


Amazon Web Services (1:20)

Marketo (2:25)

HubSpot (8:25)

Pardot (8:27)

Asana (15:58)

Zapier (16:00)

Airtable (16:05)

Darrell’s Linkedin (30:31)

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