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#18 DTC 101: Your KPIs Might Be Hindering Long-Term Growth

#18 DTC 101: Your KPIs Might Be Hindering Long-Term Growth

Austin Brawner

Amanda Natividad

#18 DTC 101: Your KPIs Might Be Hindering Long-Term Growth

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Show Notes

0:36 - Austin talks about his work as an Ecommerce Business Coach, and why that title best suits the services he provides to clients.

4:55 - Challenges clients often face while managing their budget in relation to their growth.

6:48 - Allocation of marketing spend: when should you start diversifying across different channels?

9:44 - Demand generation vs. demand capture. Importance of knowing the fundamentals of the platform you are advertising on. 

15:42 - Coupon codes and special offers have become not only common but expected in ecommerce today; ways to track performance and cost effectiveness of your offer.

20:29 - How price points can increase the consumer’s desire for a product.

24:48 - Pricing dynamic in subscription-based businesses. 

30:17 - Customer acquisition cost in organic vs. paid traffic. 

32:43 - Key performance indicators in email marketing. Long-term thinking. 

38:14 - What the upcoming holiday season may bring for ecommerce stores and brands. 

43:08 - Be sure to check out Austin’s website Brand Growth Experts and Podcast

Ecommerce Influence.


Austin’s community (join here) (16:30)

Honest Company (26:15)

Winc (26: 22)

Four Sigmatic Coffee (27:04)

ARPU (28:20)

Electric SMS (28:22)

Recharge (28:25)

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