#17 How Kaleigh Moore Uses Twitter to Build Her Brand

Whether you’re a business owner, retailer, freelancer, or copywriter —  Ecommerce Expert and Writer Kaleigh Moore has advice for you.

In this episode of the Growth Machine Marketing Podcast, there are lots lessons to unpack, such as:

  • How to ask for (and get!) a seat at the table
  • Building a personal brand by being authentic and curious
  • Improving your writing skills by being open to fierce questions from an editor
  • Hot takes and trends in the e-commerce space — especially in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Show Notes

1:01 - How to adapt your writing style to match the tone of your work and align with your goals.

3:32 - Utilizing feedback from your editor in order to strengthen your writing. 

5:02 - Kaleigh talks about the path to making her freelance work sustainable, and how her mindset has shifted from the start of her journey.

8:35 - Why authenticity and storytelling is important in building your personal brand. Sticking to your message and mission.

15:08 - Engaging with your audience, tapping into resources from your followers, and receiving consumer feedback. 

22:09 - Kaleigh shares her process for networking and marketing herself.

25:51 - How to be strategic in educating and “activating” your subscribers for more engagement with your email content.

27:56 - Kaleigh tells her story of how she went from a student of Creative Class to a co-teacher along with course creator, Paul Jarvis.

29:56 - Opportunities in ecommerce and retail for eco-friendly products, and the higher price tag that comes with sustainable goods.

35:38 - Over-saturation of the eco-friendly market. Are companies jumping on board because it makes them look good or does it actually align with their mission?

37:17 - The current trends in the market, and why companies should focus on their core product rather than dipping into multiple industries or niches. 

42:56 - How Black Friday and Cyber Monday may be different this year for both companies and consumers.

44:40 -  Check out Kaleigh’s resources and templates for writers and freelancers, and follow Kaleigh on Twitter here!


Creative Class with Paul Jarvis (0:27)

MailChimp (22:19)

Convertkit (22:20)

Kaleigh’s newsletter (25:30)

Creative Class, a podcast for freelancers (28:31)

Haus (39:21)

Brightland (39:56)

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