Webinar: The Future of SEO Starts With the Death of Classic Keyword Research

Bernard Huang, Co-founder of Clearscope, tells us
his prediction for the future of SEO.

In this Growth Machine webinar, Bernard Huang, Co-founder of Clearscope, walks us through his prediction for the future of SEO.

And it's all about perspective-driven content.

- Users aren't looking for *what* something is. They're trying to get a holistic understanding of a given topic.

- We're starting to see this in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

- So what does this mean for you, the user/searcher, the creator, and SEOs?


Bernard's slide deck

03:48: The evolution of Google Search

07:25: Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) are graduating from a page to a puzzle. What are the most likely search paths the user will take, and how can Google present those in an engaging way?

10:31: Pairing search queries with the right associations.

13:33: The shift from factual, medical authority content served in SERPs vs. experience-driven content served in SERPs — depending on the search query.

19:58: SERPs that conclude searcher journeys are better

22:37: Search intent shifts over time: a framework for the newest way to think about SEO.

25:04: Emerging topic perspectives: contrarian, experience, and trust

27:05: Here's what we're starting to see in SERPs...

35:20: A summary of search perspective frameworks: stages of consideration, contrarian viewpoints, expert viewpoints.

37:05: The newest way to do SEO and "ranch-style SEO." (Hint: it covers a range of perspectives!)

Using Clearscope, and an exciting new feature announcement.

42:42: Audience Q&A.

Next Steps

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