Webinar: Growing Organic Traffic by 4x in 3 Months

Get a closer look at our DTC beverage case study and a sneak peek of a couple other
client examples.

In this Growth Machine webinar, Amanda Natividad, Head of Marketing, goes in depth with a client case study, "How a DTC Beverage Company Grew 4x in Search Traffic in 3 Months." In this 20-minute presentation, she covers:

- Why most SEO efforts need about 6 months to ramp up

- How success is different for every website (with a couple of Growth Machine client examples)

- The content strategy that grew this DTC beverage company's site to 8,000 monthly organic visits in just 3 months

- How you can apply similar concepts to your own content program


01:18: Growth Machine's process

03:21: Client example: DTC wellness company with monthly content production

04:20: Client example: Job resource website with weekly content production

06:21: Deep dive into DTC beverage case study

15:11: Applying our strategies to your content

17:03: Teardowns of great content that drives leads and sales

21:05: Audience Q&A

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