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There’s No Such Thing As an Impulse Purchase

There’s No Such Thing As an Impulse Purchase

Stewart Hillhouse

Amanda Natividad

There’s No Such Thing As an Impulse Purchase

Do you know the Jobs To Be Done customer interview format? Stewart Hillhouse, Head of Audience Growth at Customer Camp, explains what it is and how you can learn from it.

Impulse purchases are just a story we tell ourselves.

Stewart Hillhouse, Head of Audience Growth at Customer Camp, joins the show to tell us why. He explains: it’s actually a series of experiences that ultimately trigger customers to purchase. And in the end, “impulse purchase” is the excuse given in the event a purchase doesn’t work out.

Stew and I also discuss:

  • Measuring success of his podcast
  • What to know about Jobs To Be Done (JTBD) customer interviews
  • How content fits into Customer Camps’ marketing strategy
  • And some little-known facts about trees. Yes, trees.

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Show Notes

0:54 - Stew shares how he made his switch from a career in forestry to a career in marketing. 

4:17 - Podcasting as a form of networking. 

5:01 - How Stew came to the decision to study forestry in college (and some bonus fun facts!). 

9:20 - Stew talks about his role as Head of Audience Growth at Customer Camp, and the way that job title came to be.

14:33 - Customer Camp gives their clients concrete and actionable steps to improve their marketing campaigns. 

18:29 - Conducting customer interviews. Why the buyer’s full journey is important in learning new insights on your product or service.

24:41 - Is there such a thing as an impulse buy? (See Stew’s Twitter thread)

29:42 - Stew takes us through his thought process behind his last major purchase. 

33:04 - What Stew has learned from his last major purchase and whether his original need for the purchase was met.

35:03 - How content fits into the overall marketing strategy at Customer Camp.

39:41 - Measuring podcast success - why it’s essentially different depending on the type of podcast you’re creating.

43:38 - The future of marketing; with everything today being so screen-focused, what evolutions will we see in the upcoming years?


Customer Camp (0:30)

OLIPOP (0:42)

Venture for Canada Program (2:39)

Charboys (16:31)

Stewart’s Twitter thread (24:41)

Peloton (25:53)

Stew’s takeaways from interview with Amanda (26:47)

WHOOP (32:19)

Imperfect Foods (38:34)

Top of Mind with Stewart Hillhouse (39:44)

Customer Show (39:46)

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