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The 3-Step Framework to Making Your Brand Stick

The 3-Step Framework to Making Your Brand Stick

Ramli John

Amanda Natividad

The 3-Step Framework to Making Your Brand Stick

There’s a three-step framework to user onboarding. Ramli John, Managing Director at ProductLed, walks you through it.

There’s a three-step framework to user onboarding. And you can apply to your marketing efforts as well — to ensure that your brand is top of mind to your audience.

Adapted from psychologist BJ Fogg’s habit-forming framework, Ramli John, Managing Director and ProductLed and author of the new book, “Eureka,” explains how it applies to user onboarding journeys:

1. Make it easy. (Create helpful content that can grow your organic traffic.)

2. Increase motivation. (Explain the outcomes you give your customers.)

3. Add prompts. (Remind customers of your value.)

Listen to the episode to learn how to apply it to your content and user onboarding strategy.

You’ll also learn:

  • User onboarding done right
  • The importance of saying “no”
  • How Ramli secured his first podcast sponsorship for Growth Marketing Today.

You can read the first chapter of Ramli’s new book, “Eureka,” on

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Show Notes

1:08 - Saying “no” to opportunities that don’t fit the direction you’re heading in. 

5:40 - Ramli talks about the intersection of teaching and marketing and what his experience as a college professor has taught him.

8:58 - Human connection: Why successful podcasts are far more than just the numbers and stats behind it. 

14:06 - Ramli talks about Growth Marketing Today’s LinkedIn sponsorship.

15:55 - Ramli talks about his upcoming book, Eureka, which is geared towards those looking to improve their user onboarding. 

18:10 - What are the 3 key stages in user onboarding?

21:06 - How product marketers can help consumers reach their ‘aha moments’ early on in the process.

24:50 - The critical role content plays in communicating value to customers. 

30:50 - Ramli shares an example of a company who continues to provide value through the onboarding process.

32:45 - How does onboarding play into retention rates?

36:16 - It should be clear from the start the role each department plays in the onboarding process.


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