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SEO for Content Marketers at Any Level, in Any Industry

SEO for Content Marketers at Any Level, in Any Industry

Kameron Jenkins

Amanda Natividad

SEO for Content Marketers at Any Level, in Any Industry

Longtime SEO Kameron Jenkins joins the show to talk about communicating the value of SEO to executives, and much more.

As soon as I began following SEO expert Kameron Jenkins’ work, it was clear to me how friendly and accessible she makes SEO to everyone at all levels.

So I was super excited to have her on the show. Kameron is now a content lead at Shopify and we got to talk about:

  • Communicating the value of SEO to the c-suite
  • Balancing a content strategy across short and long tail keywords
  • Knowing when it’s time to refresh content

And lots more!

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Show Notes

0:53 - Kameron talks about how she got into SEO and what Google’s changes in algorithm have taught her along the way. 

4:51 - How Kameron’s experiences working on the agency side of things helped develop her expertise in SEO.

6:46 - Why invest in SEO, and how do you communicate that to your C-level officers?

9:19 - SEO can be just as attributable as paid ads.

10:30 - Kameron shares more about her current role as a Content Lead at Shopify.

13:15 - Short and long tail keywords. Investing in content that supports your brand.

17:49 - Setting traffic goals: It’s not always about more eyeballs to your offer, it’s about getting the right eyeballs to your offer.

20:28 - Should you date your content, and when is it time to refresh an existing post?

26:19 - Using link building to build your site’s authority and trust with Google.

29:56 - Kameron gives her recommendation on where you can host and manage your new site when starting out.

33:38 - The future of SEO.


Marketo (9:07)

Shopify (12:57)

Conde Nast (22:21)

Aleyda Solis’ Template (24:38)

HARO (27:33)

Wordpress (30:32)

Squarespace (30:55)

Wix (30:56)

Podia (31:50)

Substack (31:51)

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