#3 The Power of Pain-Point SEO with Benji Hyam from Grow and Convert

In this episode Benji Hyam from Grow and Convert joins Nat Eliason to talk about how you can use Pain-Point SEO to create content that will convert for your business. Benji is Nat’s long time friend and collaborator, and co-founder of Grow and Convert, one of the best content web marketing agencies.

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0:44 – How Benji got started with content marketing. The problem most agencies had and why Benji focused on improve his tracking and reporting skill to be accountable of content results. What metrics Benji focuses on. When to check traffic growth, lead growth, first and last click attributions.

3:35 – How much the topic influences the sale vs on-page improvements.  Introducing the “Pain Point SEO” idea. Tying the search intent with a blog post content. Which posts will convert better. Why looking at keyword volume alone is not a good tactic. B2B customers compared to B2C. High keyword volume = beginners questions = lower buying intent. Low keyword volume = experts’ pain points = higher buying intent.

7:25 – Types of pain-points blog posts. Why Comparison posts work well in SaaS and competitive eCommerce. Mistakes beginners do with Best Top Services/Products posts. Insights on how to include our service/product in these posts.

10:40 – Alternative to X lists compared to Best Top lists. The difference in buying intent on both types of lists, and how one can “steal” users from their competitors.

11:50 – Reusing content from other posts. How to avoid copying and pasting. Where to look for original content within companies. Pricing. Getting advantage when your competitors’ don’t show their pricing.

13:58 – Ranking on competitors’ terms. How to get traffic if you are a small competitor in the landscape. Risks on trademark infringement. More sources to find content for Comparison posts.

18:02 – Product/Service Use Case post. The most difficult concepts to grasp: how people are using your product and what their intent is behind using it to go after a pain point. Take your products’ most important feature and figure out how a user may be looking to solve for that, or search terms related to the problem.

20:24 – Process to strategize the content plan. The figures and position within a company Benji engages when planning the content. Customer research before content planning. Why it’s important to talk to sales and customer support employees.

23:29 – On-page SEO. Customizing the Call to Action. Where to include the CTAs. Comparing to top-5 ranking posts and improving on them. The way to think when competing with other posts.

27:13 – Examples of the Pain Point strategies applied to an ecommerce site. Purposes of posts on different industries. Ecommerce and SaaS posts are more about discovery mode, while for services it’s more about building trust and alleviate all concerns a client may have about working with you.

31:05 – Where Nat will focus when producing new content for Growth Machine. The importance on still building content based on our own expertise.

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Nat Eliason

Nat is the CEO & Founder of Growth Machine.