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How to Manage Content When You’re Not a Content Marketer

How to Manage Content When You’re Not a Content Marketer

Heather Leith

Amanda Natividad

How to Manage Content When You’re Not a Content Marketer

One of the questions we hear most is: How do you hire and manage content services when you yourself are not a content marketer or an editor?

Our very own VP of Content, Heather Leith, joins us today to answer that question. Heather manages our team of editors who publish over 100 articles per month for Growth Machine’s clients.

We chat about:

  • A scalable way to properly learn brands’ various styles and voices
  • Managing client expectations
  • Advice for freelance writers

And much more!

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Show Notes

0:54 -  VP of Content, Heather Leith, describes how the editorial team and processes at Growth Machine have evolved.

7:12 - SEO-informed writing and editing: What makes it different?

9:03 - How Growth Machine finds great writers for client projects. 

11:27 - The process of discovering each client’s style and brand voice. 

19:00 - How do our in-house editors work with our freelance writers to ensure each piece of content captures the style of the client?

20:54 - Client management and the importance of working through initial concerns from the client. 

25:45 - Heather describes a common concern from new clients and how we typically address it.

28:39 - Price per word vs. price per article. 

30:54 - Setting your prices as a freelance writer starts with being mindful of both your ideal rate and what the market is paying. 

34:16 - In speed round style, Heather talks about red flags in a writer, how to prepare for hiring a content marketing agency, and what content managers need to be mindful of. 

46:25 - Heather leaves her advice for business owners who are looking to outsource their SEO and content marketing efforts. 


The Writer Finder (9:23)

How We Hire Great Writers at Growth Machine (9:28)

How to Make a Content Style Guide (20:45)

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