#8 Mailbag Episode: Meet Our Head of Marketing; Content Without SEO Tools; Semantic Keywords

We’re back with the Growth Machine Podcast! In this episode, Nat Eliason introduces our new Head of Marketing, Amanda Natividad. Then they dive into mail bag questions — one to help content creators get started, and one for those further along with their website:

  1. If you had no SEO tools, how would you advise someone to approach their content strategy?
  2. What is the impact of adding semantic keywords to existing blog posts or other pages as part of a content refresh? 

Listen (or watch the podcast on YouTube) for quick advice you can enact today. And send your questions to amanda@growthmachine.com or tweet us at @growthmachine__.

Show Notes

Show Topics

2:41 - How to approach content strategy without SEO tools. Using Google to research keywords. Outlining information that has already been written in articles for content ideas on your topic. Looking at media usage in articles ranking on the 1st page.

9:47 - Using backlinks. Creating content others can use to link back to your site. Being mindful about your content goals and providing value.

11:39 - Tools for SEO and rank tracking. Utilizing trials and different pricing plans to fit your budget. As a beginner, learn new tools on your own without having to hire out the work.

15:15 - Adding semantic keywords to existing pages. Content refresh; how blogs can be re-optimized and re-promoted to increase rankings. Adding terms that Google is rewarding by ranking higher.

17:58 - Timeline of results from SEO. Differences between publishing on a new site vs. republishing on an existing site. Optimizing content that you already have on the site. 

22:08 - Pain point SEO. Recognizing if the content is driving traffic that leads to conversions. The rate at which your readers move along the sales process. How to optimize your call to action.

25:44 - Quiz funnels. Consumers can self-direct themselves into the sales funnel. How quiz funnels mirror the traditional store experience in the online space. 

30:46 - Future podcast plans. Contact Amanda at amanda@growthmachine.com with questions or tweet at @growthmachine__

Links from the Episode


Ahrefs 3:08 https://ahrefs.com/

Clearscope 3:10 https://www.clearscope.io/

Grammarly 3:11 https://www.grammarly.com/

Webflow 3:14 https://webflow.com/

Wordpress 3:14 https://wordpress.com/

Mangools 11:37 https://mangools.com/

Accuranker 12:41 https://www.accuranker.com/

Google Data Studio 13:27 https://datastudio.google.com/

Our free course: 100,000 Visitors: A 7-Part Series 13:58

Cup and Leaf 22:47 https://www.cupandleaf.com/

Typeform 29:32 https://www.typeform.com/

Zapier 29:32 https://zapier.com/


22:08 - The Power of Pain-Point SEO with Benji Hyam from Grow and Convert


3:42 - Growing Cup & Leaf: 0 to 150,000 Monthly Organic Visitors in 8 Months

3:44 - The Wiki Strategy: How to Grow Your Blog to 100k+ Monthly Visitors 

Amanda Natividad

Amanda is the Head of Marketing for Growth Machine.