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Peep Laja on How Small Businesses Can Build a Moat

Peep Laja on How Small Businesses Can Build a Moat

Peep Laja

Amanda Natividad

Peep Laja on How Small Businesses Can Build a Moat

Peep Laja, CEO of Wynter, joins the show to talk about why your brand should compete on messaging — and how to do it right.

There are two ways a company can carve out its differentiation: by out-innovating the competition, or by competing on your messaging. As categories become more crowded, brands nailing their messaging is going to become more important.

Peep Laja, CEO of Wynter, joins the show today to dive deeper into his marketing philosophies, and how Wynter is helping companies validate the effectiveness of their website copy — and in turn, scale their businesses.

We discussed…

  • How Peep’s SEO background informs his outlook on marketing
  • Uncovering blind spots in your copywriting
  • One piece of marketing advice he would give his younger, data-driven self

...and so much more.

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Show Notes

1:16 - Differentiation can best be done in one of two ways...

4:39 - How Peep’s SEO knowledge informs his outlook on marketing.

8:38 - Having a strong point of view can lead to higher engagement and interest. 

12:05 - Peep talks about his company, Wynter, and the copywriting problems they’re solving.

17:22 - Qualitative vs. quantitative data.

19:06 - You can improve your copywriting by uncovering “blind spots,” and knowing what the right problem to address is. 

24:31 - Discovering what your selling point is and how to frame it.

27:27 - Why the delivery of your message is often more important than the channel.

28:35 - Peep shares his advice on the importance of brand. 

33:20 - Differentiation vs. distinction. In what ways can you give your brand a competitive edge?


Typeform (3:08)

Black Rifle Coffee (4:07)

CXL (5:05)

Wynter (6:14)

Wynter Games (8:07)

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