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Why Your Company Needs a YouTube Channel

Why Your Company Needs a YouTube Channel

Jacob Miller

Amanda Natividad

Why Your Company Needs a YouTube Channel

Businesses are only now realizing the value in having a YouTube channel. Learn from Jacob Miller as he talks about growing's channel.

YouTube is 16 years old. But it’s only recently that companies have realized the business potential of having a channel. One of those companies who has seen success? B2B app agency

Amanda Natividad, Head of Marketing for Growth Machine, talks with marketer Jacob Miller about how YouTube fits into Headway’s marketing strategy.

You don’t want to miss this episode because it’s not often you hear from a company who’s willing to share their secrets to YouTube success.

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Show Notes

1:18 - How marketing at Headway, an app design and development company, has evolved.

4:48 - CEO and marketing team alignment. 

9:21 - Content for your ideal customer begins with understanding their ‘why’.

13:43 - Idea validation and gauging the value of your business ideas.

18:14 - How live events fit into Headway’s marketing strategy.

22:55 - Jacob talks about Headway’s YouTube channel growth: from 90 to 1500 subscribers.

26:53 - YouTube has two purposes: entertainment and education.

30:56 - How companies can use YouTube to provide value to their viewers.

34:18 - Why follower count isn’t a great KPI for YouTube.

37:34 - Speed round: Jacob answers burning questions about YouTube channel setup.


Headway (1:00)

Discord (21:02)

Product Hunt (21:09)

Headway’s YouTube Channel (22:49) 

TubeBuddy (24:45)

YouTube Creator Academy (38:11)

Think Media Course (44:05) 

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