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Content Strategy Starts With Your Customers’ Language

Content Strategy Starts With Your Customers’ Language

Adrienne Barnes

Amanda Natividad

Content Strategy Starts With Your Customers’ Language

Where an SEO strategy traditionally starts with keyword research, a full content marketing strategy starts with your customers' language.

The beauty of content marketing is the foundational role it plays across all other marketing efforts. B2B SaaS content expert Adrienne Barnes joins us today to tell us all about that and:

  • Writing your best hook
  • How your customers’ language should kick off your keyword strategy
  • Reaching out to your greatest enemies for feedback

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Show Notes

5:21 - A quick detour: Prioritizing physical and mental health. 

8:45 - Adrienne shares her new writing habits.

11:52 - Writing process for clients vs. personal writing process. 

16:43 - Where is it best to place your hook, the beginning or end of the writing piece?

20:28 - Why B2B SaaS. 

22:52 - You can better serve others when you deeply understand their needs. 

24:42 - Content marketing is multi-tiered: engagement, brand awareness, product marketing.

27:38 - How both “relational analysis keywords” and SEO keywords fit together.

31:39 - Building buyer personas. 

35:33 - Strategies to approaching your greatest enemies to get feedback.

37:41 - Content marketing and retention.

42:18 - Create a solution for your customers before they face that given problem.

42:51 - KPIs and measuring success should be driven by your goals.


Atomic Habits (0:55)

Oura Ring (6:15)

750 Words (10:45)

Buffer (32:08)

Monday (38:42)

Adrienne's Website (45:01)

Adrienne’s Twitter (45:07)

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