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There’s One Ecommerce Touchpoint With a 100% Open Rate...

There’s One Ecommerce Touchpoint With a 100% Open Rate...

Kristen LaFrance

There’s One Ecommerce Touchpoint With a 100% Open Rate...

A 100% open rate? It's definitely not your email. Listen to this episode to find out from Kristen LaFrance what it is.

When it comes to organic growth and customer retention, Kristen LaFrance, Head of Resilient Retail for Shopify, really knows her stuff. Today, we talk about:

  • Nailing all those customer touchpoints
  • The one huge advantage brick and mortar stores have over ecommerce
  • And what ecommerce touchpoint has a 100% open rate

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Show Notes

1:07 - One channel vs. many in organic growth.

4:38 - How Kristen went from total introvert to all-in podcast host.

7:56 - The story behind the Resilient Retail podcast. 

13:17 - The meaning of resilience — told through 2 local businesses’ Covid struggles

20:44 - How communities rallied around to save small businesses. 

23:25 - What is micro retail and what insights can it provide to ecommerce-only brands?

30:01 - Retention marketing strategies.

32:47 - Subscription businesses. How can you make it more valuable to the customer than just the product they’re subscribing for?

36:39 - Now more than ever, consumers are looking for a true experience.

40:05 - Content is the vehicle for customer engagement, and engagement drives retention. 

42:20 - The advantage in-store retailers have over ecommerce stores.

45:31 - The advantage ecommerce stores have over in-store retailers who are moving online.

48:06 - It’s not fluff: why you need a brand declaration


Resilient Retail (4:08)

Churn Buster (4:46)

Playing for Keeps Podcast (4:48)

TC Running Company (16:26)

Great Lakes Brewery (18:08)

Shopify (23:32)

Customer Acquisition vs. Retention: A battle for DTC Brand Focus (30:45)

BarkBox (35:07)

BarkBox Instagram (42:17)

Universal Standard (43:34)

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