#26 There’s One Ecommerce Touchpoint With a 100% Open Rate

When it comes to organic growth and customer retention, Kristen LaFrance, Head of Resilient Retail for Shopify, really knows her stuff. Today, we talk about:

  • Nailing all those customer touchpoints
  • The one huge advantage brick and mortar stores have over ecommerce
  • And what ecommerce touchpoint has a 100% open rate

Show Notes

1:07 - One channel vs. many in organic growth.

4:38 - How Kristen went from total introvert to all-in podcast host.

7:56 - The story behind the Resilient Retail podcast. 

13:17 - The meaning of resilience — told through 2 local businesses’ Covid struggles

20:44 - How communities rallied around to save small businesses. 

23:25 - What is micro retail and what insights can it provide to ecommerce-only brands?

30:01 - Retention marketing strategies.

32:47 - Subscription businesses. How can you make it more valuable to the customer than just the product they’re subscribing for?

36:39 - Now more than ever, consumers are looking for a true experience.

40:05 - Content is the vehicle for customer engagement, and engagement drives retention. 

42:20 - The advantage in-store retailers have over ecommerce stores.

45:31 - The advantage ecommerce stores have over in-store retailers who are moving online.

48:06 - It’s not fluff: why you need a brand declaration


Resilient Retail (4:08)

Churn Buster (4:46)

Playing for Keeps Podcast (4:48)

TC Running Company (16:26)

Great Lakes Brewery (18:08)

Shopify (23:32)

Customer Acquisition vs. Retention: A battle for DTC Brand Focus (30:45)

BarkBox (35:07)

BarkBox Instagram (42:17)

Universal Standard (43:34)

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Amanda Natividad

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