#23 How Content and Community Empower Each Other

It all started in a pub.

Last summer, Christina Pashialis organized a casual meetup for UK-based content marketers.

She mobilized the group on Twitter and LinkedIn, and as followup, she set up a Slack community for everyone to stay in touch.

That group evolved into the ContentUK community, which Christina now manages full time.

The community has grown beyond Slack. ContentUK has given way to several other forms of content that all feed into each other: Q&As, workshops, and even a job board.

Today, Christina talks with us about community engagement and retention, and how content and community can and should feed into each other to create a virtuous cycle.

Show Notes

0:50 - The understated advantages to webinars over podcasts.

3:56 - How can content support community building?

9:21 - Being specific with your niche.

10:10 - Do things that don’t scale: community engagement, retention, and growth.

14:12 - How to track success and engagement metrics in your community.

17:32 - Monetizing your community.

19:55 - Rules and guidelines within the community.

24:06 -  Advice on content distribution.

30:29 - The value you get from free and paid communities.


ContentUK (1:01)

Klaviyo (28:40)

Slack (30:41)

Weekend Club (31:05)

Rosie Land (31:50)

Online Geniuses (32:10)

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