#22 Corey Haines Wants You To Be a More Prolific Marketer

What does it mean to be a more prolific marketer?

It means creating a marketing flywheel for yourself — so you can work smarter, not harder.

When Corey Haines took on the Head of Growth role at Baremetrics, he spent the first two months digging into customer research. Gaining a deep understanding of his customers meant he didn’t have to guess what they wanted. Customer research as the foundation of his marketing flywheel.

In today’s episode, Corey also talks about creating Swipe Files, the curated library of detailed marketing examples and membership-based community for marketers.

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Show Notes

0:57 - Corey shared how he started his career as a content marketing manager before landing a growth-focused role.

6:01 - How can you apply the ‘Briefcase Technique’ when looking for a marketing job?

9:17 - Different schools of thought when it comes to growth marketing.

12:04 - Customer marketing, retention, and understanding customer pain points. 

15:06 - Why doing thorough customer research early on can help you gain traction in your marketing efforts much quicker.

22:54 - If you keep taking guesses with your marketing strategy, it’ll be costly and ineffective.

25:18 - Corey talks about his role in being a marketing coach and consultant.

28:06 - The origin story of Swipe Files, a curated library of marketing and copywriting examples.

36:13 - Everything is Marketing: Corey describes what his podcast encapsulates and what inspired the title of his show.

41:18 - Podcast teardown. What are Corey’s and Amanda’s current favorite podcasts?


Baremetrics (1:00)

Cordial (1:05)

Ramit Sethi’s “Briefcase Technique” (6:19)

Traction - Gino Wickman (18:37)

Growth Mentor (26:42)

Swipe Files (28:08)

Mental Models for Marketing (30:09)

Sako Twitter (31:48) (I think this is who he was referring to)

Swipe Files Community (34:34) (Join Swipe Files for access to membership-based community)

Circle (35:58)

Marketing is Everything - Harvard Business Review (38:46)

Akimbo by Seth Godin (41:33)

The a16z Podcast (44:48)

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