#19 Amanda Goetz Tells You How to Tap into Your Superfans

If you want to listen to only one podcast about brand marketing, this is the one.

Amanda Goetz spent more than five years at The Knot, helping to grow the wedding juggernaut into the household name it is today. 

She’s now the Chief Marketing Officer for Teal, and she’s starting up her own luxury CBD company for women, House of Wise. In this episode we cover…

  • Building a community on Twitter 
  • How to find and learn from your superfans
  • A hot take on net promoter scores
  • The beauty of building viral loops into your product
  • A sneak peek of Amanda’s semi-stealth startup, House of Wise

Show Notes

0:51 - Curating your Twitter feed and utilizing Twitter to build your network. 

5:45 - Forming personal connections on social media. (Hint: vulnerability) 

9:35 - Why values and connections are key in brand-building.

13:51 - Most companies fail in their retention strategy. 

17:10 - Strategies for finding your superfans or loyalists and using their feedback.

20:24 - NPS and use of data from consumers.

22:30 - A brand/product secret: building viral loops into your product.

28:20 - Amanda shares her initial thoughts on marketing strategy for her own startup

31:18 - Middle management and how senior leadership can support their growth.

38:13 - How do you come to an agreement with someone who is “strong but wrong?”


How To Build a Community Online

Growing your Twitter following - Amanda Goetz on YouTube  (0:51)

Fast (14:02)

Matthew Kobach tweet (14:05)

The Knot (22:33)

Drybar - Alli Webb (30:21)

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Amanda Natividad

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