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#16 Holiday Prep: Planning Your Content in Advance

#16 Holiday Prep: Planning Your Content in Advance

Nora Schlesinger

Amanda Natividad

#16 Holiday Prep: Planning Your Content in Advance

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Show Notes

0:58 - Planning content in advance and the potential for business growth, especially during the holiday season. 

5:43 - When is it best to ramp up your content? How different blogs and niches may thrive in different times throughout the calendar year. 

10:38 - Burnout can be common - it’s important to know when you can slow down the pace of your content.

14:06 - Banking content in advance to allow for a reset or breaks for the holiday season.

15:36 - The process of planning your content. Nora talks about what that looks like at Growth Machine.

20:01 - Clients’ perceptions of the content schedule around the holiday season. 

22:08 - Nora shares how she schedules and prepares content for her personal blog, A Clean Bake.

27:29 - How concerned should business owners be about content during the holiday season?


A Clean Bake (0:22)

Asana (19:16)

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