#16 Holiday Prep: Planning Your Content in Advance

How are you being proactive about your content strategy?

Growth Machine’s Nora Schlesinger (Chief Operating Officer) and Amanda Natividad (Head of Marketing) talk about the importance of banking your content ahead of the holiday season.

We cover:

  • Which topics should expect higher traffic during the holidays
  • How to plan out your content
  • The balance of maximizing the holiday season and setting up your content for success

Show Notes

0:58 - Planning content in advance and the potential for business growth, especially during the holiday season. 

5:43 - When is it best to ramp up your content? How different blogs and niches may thrive in different times throughout the calendar year. 

10:38 - Burnout can be common - it’s important to know when you can slow down the pace of your content.

14:06 - Banking content in advance to allow for a reset or breaks for the holiday season.

15:36 - The process of planning your content. Nora talks about what that looks like at Growth Machine.

20:01 - Clients’ perceptions of the content schedule around the holiday season. 

22:08 - Nora shares how she schedules and prepares content for her personal blog, A Clean Bake.

27:29 - How concerned should business owners be about content during the holiday season?


A Clean Bake (0:22)

Asana (19:16)

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