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#14 Content Has 4 Goals (And They’re Not What You Think)

#14 Content Has 4 Goals (And They’re Not What You Think)

Tommy Walker

Amanda Natividad

#14 Content Has 4 Goals (And They’re Not What You Think)

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Show Notes

1:40 - How do you know whether you’re building trust with your audience?

5:16 - The way people consume media and the effect it has on content formats.

7:54 - Tracking success and metrics among different forms of content.

10:32 - People tend to follow common patterns while reading written content.

14:46 - Getting executive buy-in for content marketing. 

17:42 - Repurposing content without sounding repetitive.

19:44 - Tommy’s 4 content marketing goals.

26:31 - Strategies to getting your content shared. 

31:24 - What makes Mary Meeker’s annual internet trends report so successful? 

35:25 - Confirmation bias in content marketing, news and media.

43:38 - Understanding how visitors are interacting with your content.

49:52 - Reporting metrics in a way that aligns with your story.


99% Invisible  (6:42)

Airtable (11:41)

Chartbeart research (22:03)

Orbit Media by Andy Crestodina (25:41)

Blogging Statistics (25:49)

Content marketing goals (30:52)

Mary Meeker - Meeker Report (30:54)

Mailchimp (36:49)

Unbounce (36:55)

Quickbooks (38:35)

Adobe Analytics (44:01)

Chartbeat (44:08)

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