#11 Corinne Watson: Ecommerce Content Needs to Move Forward

This episode is about all things ecommerce and content marketing. Amanda talks with Corinne Watson, Senior Content Marketing Manager for Postscript.io, about: where the ecommerce content path has been, which trends need to die, and why content needs to take a big step forward.

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Show Notes


0:37 - Professional networking and how connection with others has changed since jobs have gone remote due to COVID. 

3:45 - The importance of creating solid content with strong SEO, while also making it educational. Corinne describes the editorial strategy during her time with BigCommerce.

7:44 - Making the switch to SMS marketing.

9:35 - Working at a startup, you have room to experiment and room to make mistakes. 

12:07 - How SMS marketing today compares to email marketing in 2014. 

17:55 - Uses for SMS marketing.

19:38 - Predictions about Black Friday Cyber Monday, and the upcoming holiday season.

22:28 - Opportunities for content in ecommerce.

28:41- Where in the marketing funnel should a case study live and how can it be used in content?

31:15 - Postscript’s SMS marketing certification.

33:35 - Corinne talks about her work-life balance as a mom and adjusting to her new roles. 

38:38 - Thanks for listening! Be on the lookout for next week’s episode. If you have questions or suggestions, you can find us on Twitter @growthmachine__.


Postscript’s Black Friday Cyber Monday Resource Center

BigCommerce (3:47)

Postscript (7:50)

Postscript’s SMS Marketing Certification (31:15)

2PM by Web Smith (38:14)

Lean Luxe (38:16)