#10 SEO and Content Analytics: Why Being Data-Driven is the Wrong Approach

Today on the Growth Machine Marketing Podcast, one of our Directors of Client Strategy, Gedaly Guberek, tells us all about content marketing metrics. Gedaly has more than 10 years of experience in building websites and designing successful SEO strategies. He offers advice on which key performance indicators (KPIs) to look out for — and which two you should approach with caution.

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Show Notes

Show Topics

0:25 - Director of Client Strategy at Growth Machine, Gedaly Guberek, talks about his experience in SEO from the first blog he started in 2007 to how he got where he is today. 

4:50 - Gedaly’s Shakespeare blog. How Gedaly got his content to differ from existing content.

6:07 - Being data-informed vs. data-driven

8:06 - Key performance indicator (KPI) as an indicator rather than a strict measurement of how you’re doing. What you’re measuring will change over time.

13:18 - Importance of recognizing which metrics pertain to you depending on your role in the process and goals. Effective goal setting is essential in understanding how to make use of the analytics.

15:04 - Gedaly describes why ranking is dependent on a variety of factors such as domain authority, niche, choice of keywords, and more. Why you don’t have to pay attention to every little data point that’s offered. 

20:30 - Different analytics tools for a variety of metrics. 

23:32 - How heat maps can be utilized: tracking user behaviors, how people respond to one landing page over another, and scroll data.

27:38 - Reporting and presenting data. Gedaly describes the importance of recognizing what metrics are consistent with your goals.

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Key Performance Indicators for SEO-Focused Content Marketing

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