Growth Machine FAQs

Everything you might want to know about our SEO content marketing before reaching out

Have some questions before reaching out? These are the ones we get asked the most frequently.

Why hire an agency?

There are a few main reasons you’d hire us over an in-house content marketer:

Experience: We’ve grown 20+ sites in the last two years through our combination of SEO and content marketing. We know what works and what doesn’t for growing a site in almost any niche.

Speed: We can have your content plan done, writers hired, and first SEO-optimized articles going live on your site two weeks after deciding to work together. If you try to hire someone and get them set up to run your content internally, you’re going to need to wait 2+ months before they get into a good routine.

Reliable Systems: We’ve refined our writing, editing, hiring, promoting, and optimizing process to the point of extreme efficiency. It’s what we do. Few in-house content marketers, let alone other agencies, can rival our systems for producing high-quality content (and ranking it) on a consistent basis.

Results: How many content marketers can say they’ve doubled a site’s organic traffic in three months? Or taken a site from 0 to 15,000 monthly visitors in three months? Or grown multiple blogs to 100,000+ monthly organic visitors?

Focus: We’re 100% focused on creating epic content and getting traffic to it. No distractions, no trying to do a dozen things at once, no office politics.

Tools: We have access to and are experts on the best SEO tools in the industry, spending thousands of dollars a month on the best tech on the market to help your site rank.

Will this work for my niche?

Maybe. The first part of exploring working together will involve us doing some research to see if there’s a good SEO fit for your business. If there isn’t, we’ll tell you, and we’ll recommend some other people to talk to instead.

But most people we talk to have some SEO-focused content area they can take over, and we can help you find it if you haven’t already.

What niches do you work with?

We hire dedicated writers who can discuss the content area as experts, and our process works regardless of the subject matter, so we can work with almost any niche.

There are, however, some niches we prefer to avoid, mostly because of the insane SEO competition making it much harder for us to be confident in results. Right now, those niches are:

  • Internet marketing
  • Weight loss
  • Sex
  • Real estate
  • Sales

How do I know the articles will be good?

We hire industry-expert writers for each client, very few of our writers work on more than one site.

As soon as we start working together, we’ll get 3-5 writing samples from possible writers for your content, send them to you to review, and then we’ll only hire the 1-2 that you feel are the best fit in terms of quality and voice.

You can learn more about this part of the process in our overview on working together.

How quickly will I see results?

SEO is a slow game, and you shouldn’t expect to see good ROI from SEO-focused content marketing for the first six months.

We’ve gotten results faster than that, and we aim to start getting good results in the first two or three months, but six months is enough time for you to seriously evaluate whether or not the plan is working.

What if I don’t see results?

If we’re not seeing any articles ranking on the first page of Google in the first three or four months, we’ll do a free extra month of promotion on your articles to see if we can get them there. If we can’t, for some strange reason, then we’ll call off the project.

What if I want to switch from your team to an in-house team?

Anytime you want to switch to an in-house team we’re happy to help by spending a month on training, handoff, and setting up the systems they need to succeed at content marketing without us. Some of our best results have come from clients who hired us to set up the initial systems, then handed off the process to an in-house team.

I can't afford $6,000+ per month, do you have cheaper packages?

Not if you want us to run your content marketing operation, but we do have a separate service called The Writer Finder if you just need help creating the content, and you can also take our Content Marketing Course.

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