Remote Operations Assistant (Temporary)

Be the organized lynchpin who keeps Growth Machine running smoothly.

Growth Machine is busier than ever, and we’re searching for a temporary operations assistant to help us keep things running smoothly for about 4-6 months, starting in mid to late march. 

This full time, remote role is perfect for someone who enjoys diverse challenges. The operations assistant helps our CEO, Nat, and our COO, Nora, with a variety of professional and personal tasks. 

Given the nature of our company, it's unlikely to be the same job week to week. You could be helping with anything from creating client dashboards, to finding writers for new projects, to paying invoices, to updating our website and much more. 

You'll have your hand in every part of our business, and you'll get a crash course in agency growth, content marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO).

Who Are We?

Growth Machine is a 7-figure SEO and content marketing agency supporting major e-commerce and technology companies.

Each month, our content is read by over 3,000,000 people in categories like health & wellness, travel, cooking & food, management, sales, ridesharing and the gig economy, personal finance, and more.

Our work has been featured in TechCrunch, Shopify, Ahrefs, GrowthHackers, and NoDesk, and we work with many of the top content marketing teams in the country.

We're an entirely remote team of experts, and we love working with fun, smart people.

Who are you?

Here’s what we’re looking for in a candidate:

  • A couple of years previous experience as a PA/EA.
  • An insatiable thirst for organization and efficiency. You've tried out different task managers and organizational systems for fun because you love improving your productivity.
  • A knack for critical thinking. You’re always looking for ways to improve a process or creatively solve a problem. If you have to do the same thing more than a few times, you want to find a way to automate or systematize it.
  • Prioritizing comes easily to you. You don't flinch when five different people need five different things from you at the same time.
  • You're creative, flexible, and agile. You don't bat an eye at a new challenge, a fast pace, or a rapidly growing and changing work environment.
  • You're capable of working autonomously. You're happy with the freedom and you don’t need or want to be managed. You’re great at figuring out the best way to accomplish a task without much direction.
  • You're friendly, eager to jump in and make the job your own, and love to contribute to tangible business growth and success.
  • You're proactive at identifying opportunities to contribute above and beyond the tasks laid out for you.

Does this sound like you? Read on!

Your Responsibilities

Responsibilities will vary from week to week, but may include:

Research and Administrative Support

  • Finding ideal writers for new client projects.
  • Uploading and formatting content and newsletters for the Growth Machine website, blog, and third party sites.
  • Finding and vetting specialists for one-time projects.
  • Managing invoices to clients and from contractors.
  • Helping manage the process for new job applicants and new hires.
  • Executing the first portion of the weekly project update emails
  • Assist editors and project managers as needed (for example, publishing to client blogs, helping coordinate writers for The Writer Finder clients).

Travel and Team Management

  • Planning and booking team retreats and other trips for team members.
  • Slack administration
  • Assist HR with job listings, hiring process, and new employee onboarding
  • Creating and sending out team swag.

Miscellaneous Project Support

  • Managing remote contractors for various side-projects of the company.
  • Updating our project management and knowledge management systems. 
  • Ad hoc projects as they come up. Like we said, every week is a little different!

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