Congratulations to Our New CEO: Nora Schlesinger!

Today I’m excited to announce and congratulate our new CEO at Growth Machine: Nora Schlesinger! 

Nora joined Growth Machine as our first employee back in January 2018 as a project manager to help handle our growing number of clients. As our client list grew, she helped define everything we do in our business and was eventually promoted to COO in June 2019. 

In many ways, I’m unfairly given credit for the hard work Nora has been doing behind the scenes for the last three years. There’s no chance Growth Machine would be the company it is today without her hard work, creativity, and drive to make this company the best Content & SEO agency in the industry. 

Nora has: 

  • Turned her job as one hardworking project manager into a team of 15 project managers, strategists, operators, and editors, servicing 40+ clients across various SEO projects. 
  • Defined the 100+ processes that we do on a daily and weekly basis to produce consistently good content and SEO results for our clients. 
  • Hired over a dozen amazing people for the team spanning editing, SEO, marketing, and operations. 
  • Scaled us from a small $20,000 a month agency to over $250,000 a month in revenue. 
  • Helped guide us through multiple trying periods, including losing half of our business in the early days of COVID. 
  • Aided in establishing a selective, efficient, and reliable sales process for bringing ideal new clients into our business. 
  • Refined the playbook for dominating the search results in any industry, whether we’re working with boutique E-Commerce stores or Fortune 500 SaaS businesses.

But most importantly, Nora has been one of the best business partners I could have asked for. I may have started Growth Machine, but Nora is the reason it’s a thriving business. 

That’s why I’m excited for her to officially take over the reins and guide Growth Machine to wherever she wants to go next. 

Congratulations Nora!

Nat Eliason

Nat is the CEO & Founder of Growth Machine.
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